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With our accomplished Solo Varia watercolor paper, you hold in your hands the paper you’ve been looking for.

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About our Watercolor Paper

With our accomplished Solo Varia watercolor paper, you hold in your hands the paper you’ve been looking for. You can expect a graceful superior design and 300 g/m² strength – high-quality watercolor paper for hobby painters and professional artists. 100% cotton ensures a cellulose-free paper with glued pages waiting for your drawings. Our thanks to you: You will receive a test page free of charge with every watercolor paper.
  • Highest artist quality: With our watercolor paper, you get a 300 g/m² paper with a stable and absorbent surface in artist quality. Draw and paint on the resistant material without damp waves and create your very special work of art.
  • Optimal color control: Whether drawing or painting – the Solo Varia watercolor paper impresses with perfect texture through cold pressing. Realise your artistic-creative ideas with full brush and color control.
  • Ideal color pick-up: Do you like to paint wet-on-wet? No problem with our hard-wearing watercolor paper. The special sizing composition ensures ideal ink absorption of the acid- and ACID-free paper, regardless of the brush technique. Your artwork will not fade and will captivate with rich color.
  • Easy to pull off: Nothing is more annoying than frayed sheets after peeling. The Solo Varia watercolor paper is glued all around. So you can tear off paper after paper from the watercolor block safely and without trembling.

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Medium Grain – Cold Pressed

Paper thickness


Number of sheets

20 Sheets


A5 – 14,8 x 21,0 cm, A4 – 21,0 x 29,7 cm, A3 – 29,7 x 42,0 cm


Insight into our product


Which size fits me?


Choose A5 paper for detailed paintings, calligraphy and expressive portraits.


Choose A4 paper for all works of art, especially for beginners and hobby artists.


Choose A3 paper for large illustrations, framed motifs and large-scale art.

incl. test page


cold pressed

Sides glued






140 lb


What our customers say…

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Frequently asked questions

What is the difference between watercolor paper made of cotton and that made of cellulose, i.e. wood fibres?+-

watercolor paper made of cellulose - i.e. wood fibres - is a beginner's paper. It tolerates less liquid and swells faster than paper made of cotton. The difference and advantage of cotton watercolor paper, as we offer it at Solo Varia, therefore lies in the quality. Solo Varia watercolor paper made of cotton is suitable for passionate hobby painters and artists. It absorbs water better than paper made from cellulose and holds liquids better - without curling. The higher quality cotton watercolor paper is therefore your perfect paper for wet-on-wet brush techniques and color applications.

Why should cold-pressed paper be used?+-

Professional artists and enthusiastic hobby painters distinguish between different types of paper structures. watercolor paper can be very fine or very coarse and fibrous - the pressing, among other things, makes the difference. We recommend cold-pressed paper. This is the most popular type of watercolor paper and is suitable for almost all your ideas, drawings and artworks. During the production of the paper, the fibres are not processed with a hot press - this creates a medium coarse structure in the watercolor paper. This is perfect for your individual artwork.

What is the advantage of pages glued all around?+-

Who hasn't experienced it: the paper slips back and forth while you are painting, you are more busy gluing the watercolor paper than putting your creative thoughts on paper. Once the artwork is finished, it frays when you peel it off the pad - annoying. This doesn't happen with our Solo Varia watercolor paper. The paper in highest artist quality has glued sides all around. This saves you sticking the paper to the table and annoying glue residue. When you are finished and happy with your brush strokes, you can carefully separate the page with a ruler or another narrow, elongated object. This way you avoid frayed corners caused by the tape - and you can hold your beautiful work of art in your hands without any scratches. You can frame it immediately without further processing or give it as a gift.

What does Solo Varia stand for?

We are sustainable, produce to a high standard and value your Satisfaction.

Close to the artist

We design our products for passionate artists. That's why we consult with artists at regular intervals and incorporate their feedback into product development.

High quality

Painting and drawing are accomplished art. The materials used must be of a correspondingly high quality. With brushes, pencils and watercolour paper from Solo Varia, you can live your artistic life to the full.


Quality is crucial. We work on this with every single product. If you are not satisfied with the quality of our products, you will get your money back.