With the expressive colors from Solo Varia, you can create color explosions on your watercolor paper.


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About our Watercolors

With the expressive colors from Solo Varia, you can create color explosions on your watercolor paper. Not only do you get 24 uniquely strong colors. With the included water-fillable brush, you can get started right away and let your creativity run free. Work your way through the color pots, arranging them to your heart’s content. You can also mix your new favourite color combination at any time in the integrated water container.
  • Perfect professional set: With the watercolor paints from Solo Varia, you get expressive colors for painting on watercolor paper. The unique colors come in a variable and high-quality paint box including a water tank brush to get started immediately and an integrated water tank.
  • Highest color quality: The 24 colors included are strong, colorful and let you impressively put your creative thoughts and pictures on paper. Work with several layers and mix your new favourite color directly in the elegant metal box.
  • Rich color selection: Don’t limit yourself to just a handful of colors. The 24 different Solo Varia watercolor paints cover all facets of a colorful spectrum. With the rich colors, you can create unique works of art from your creativity.
  • Free from toxins: Some paint landed on the skin on your arm or face? No problem. Our sustainably produced watercolor paints are safe and free of any toxins.

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24 colors, water tank brush, noble metal case, integrated water tank

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Paint brush

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24 brilliant colors to choose from:

24 removable
Color cups

Water tank

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Frequently asked questions

What distinguishes our Solo Varia colors from other watercolor paints?+-

The watercolor paint set from Solo Varia will inspire you with 24 strong and expressive colors. The brilliant facets of the high-quality, deep colors create a color explosion on your watercolor paper. The difference to other colors: Not only do you get high-quality colors that are free of any toxic substances. You can also arrange all 24 color pots according to your personal taste. This way, you can arrange your watercolor set exactly the way you need it to create your creative works of art.

What are Solo Varia watercolor made of?+-

First things first: the watercolor are completely free of any toxins. So a little paint on your skin or face is not a bad thing. Like all watercolor paints, our paints consist of fine color pigments and water-soluble binders - for example gum arabic, traganth or dextrin. As soon as several colors are mixed, the color pigments are thus combined to form a solid layer of color. Finished are individual works of art for eternity, as they already existed in the same painting technique in the course of cave painting.

What is a water tank brush and what are its advantages?+-

Have you ever heard of a water-fillable paint brush? These brushes are also called water tank brushes and solve an annoying problem. Brush, paint, water, brush, paint, water - it's a perpetual cycle. A water tank brush makes this easier. Thanks to an integrated water tank in the handle, you save yourself a water container. And: overturned water containers that ruin your artwork are a thing of the past. You get the Solo Varia water tank brush with the watercolor paint set for free. So you can start painting right away without further ado.

What does Solo Varia stand for?

We are sustainable, produce to a high standard and value your Satisfaction.

Close to the artist

We design our products for passionate artists. That's why we consult with artists at regular intervals and incorporate their feedback into product development.

High quality

Painting and drawing are accomplished art. The materials used must be of a correspondingly high quality. With brushes, pencils and watercolour paper from Solo Varia, you can live your artistic life to the full.


Quality is crucial. We work on this with every single product. If you are not satisfied with the quality of our products, you will get your money back.